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Bible Timelines


Do you want a clearer understanding of Bible historical references?  A timeline of Bible events used in a chronological Bible study can be helpful to understand God's sovereign plan for world history and the fulfillment of prophecy.  The biblical timelines offered here chart biblical people, places and events, and are helpful to share with others seeking information on Bible world history.


Bible Diagrams

Click on individual slides to see a 2000-year timeline of religious development in the Middle East and Mediterranean (see timeline)


Timeline of the Bible

Events of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (see timeline)


Main Events in Biblical History

A chronological listing of major biblical and historical events from 2090 B.C. through 150 A.D. (see timeline)

A Chronological Map from the Creation to the 4th Century A.D.

Adapted from the Chrono-Genealogical Table in the Parallel Bible (1885). The dating here used is acknowledged as disputable, but primarily functions as a help in comparing the lifespans of various biblical figures, and is not meant as an authoritative guide to historical chonology. (see timeline)


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