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Embracing Your Identity in Christ


Who are you, really?

As you consider this question, what (or who) is influencing your answer? What you do? What you think about yourself? What others say about you?

We often are unsure about who we are because we use people as our point of reference. We allow others to dictate to us how we perceive ourselves and then make their perceptions of us our own. What we do is often measured and judged by others–either as acceptable or unacceptable–and we allow our performance to define us.

However, the only reliable source of our identity is God! He created each one of us, loves us, sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, and transforms our lives through His Holy Spirit! When we allow Him to define our identity we stand on a sure foundation for a life of peace, contentment, and yes, even some adventure! When we establish our identity in how God sees us we can confidently live our lives in the assurance of His perfect plan for our lives.

Meditate on the following Bible passages and ask the Holy Spirit to help you firmly establish your identity in Christ. (read Bible passages)



The Believer's Position in Christ

by Iain Gordon

This study will explore the riches of God’s grace in regard to the believers’ position in Christ. In most of Paul’s letters there is a sharp distinction drawn between what God has done for us by grace, and how we are to live in view of this fact. The divine order that God has established through these letters is to first sit and learn of your position in Christ, and then, in view of this position, the exhortation is given to live a life consistent with your position.


In other words, the Christian life is becoming (in your experience) what you already are (in your position in Christ). This divine order is clearly seen in Ephesians, Colossians, and Romans amongst others.


So the purpose of this study is to set forth that which is DONE, and through faith, enable you to rest in the finished work of Christ and your exalted position in Him! (read more)



See Yourself as God Sees You

You are one of God’s children and He loves you immensely! Experiencing the surety of God’s love requires learning to see yourself as God sees you. How you view yourself is your “self-perception.” Understanding and applying five key principles that affect self-perception can lead you to embrace God’s perception of you. (read more)


Discover Your New Identity in Christ!

The Bible tells us, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17). But what does it mean to be a “new creation”? It means we have a new identity! That identity has amazing implications for how we live our lives and how God works in and through us. (read more)


Living a Supernatural Life in Christ

Are you relying on your own strength to face the responsibilities of your life? Are you often frustrated or discouraged or disillusioned at the end of the day? Living a supernatural life in Christ requires allowing God’s supernatural power to work in and through you. (read more)



Jesus Is “The Last Adam”

by David Kuykendall

We will never experience life in abundance until we experience our Lord as “The Last Adam.” Jesus is the head of the spiritual race. Therefore, when we entered the race of Jesus, things true of Him be came true of us. (read article)



In Christ Crucified—Now

by David Kuykendall

Some of us have been guilty of telling fellow believers that they need to “crucify self.” Any attempt at self-crucifixion by a Christian is an attempt to do the impossible—and the unnecessary. It is an attempt to do that which has already been done. (read article)



In Christ Buried and Resurrected—Now

by David Kuykendall

Just as our crucifixion with Christ has multiple meanings for us, so does our burial with Christ. Our burial gives added significance to our victory over our old man. He is both crucified and buried. (read article)



Christ in You—Now

by David Kuykendall

For more than half a century, evangelicals have given healthy attention to the truth that Jesus is “in” all believers. Many, however, are limited in their experiences of Christ living through them, because they do not understand that they are “in” Christ. (read article)


How Dead People Do Battle with Sin

by John Piper

Carved in the bark of every tree in the garden of God are the words, "If it dies it bears much fruit" (John 12:24). Three words are branded into the flesh of every Christian: "YOU ... HAVE ... DIED" (Colossians 3:3). And the heartfelt confession of every believer is, "I have been crucified with Christ" (Galatians 2:20).
(read more)



A Holy Limp

I got polio at six months old. Every step of my life, I have walked with a limp. It was a source of great shame to me growing up because of people’s stares. And my limp was probably the biggest reason I hated polio and hated how I saw myself, as the “ugly crippled girl.”


One day, as I studied the scriptures, God gave me a divine “lightbulb moment.” As I read in Genesis 32 about Jacob wrestling all night with God, the same Lord who touched his hip, asked me, “Do you see the souvenir I gave Jacob from his night with Me?” Jacob walked the rest of his life with a limp. He had been touched by God and it changed the way he walked.


It was a holy limp.


In that moment, I saw that there was nothing inherently shameful about a limp if God gave one to His beloved Jacob.


Certainly, this doesn’t magically transform a limp into something beautiful and good—after all, it means something is wrong. But God can, and does, bring something beautiful and good out of the limps of our lives. (read more)


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