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Walking in the Spirit


The Christian life can only be lived successfully through the power of the Holy Spirit. At the very moment when you asked Jesus Christ to come into your life, the Almighty God of the Universe took up residence within you through His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Natural power is available to us through the laws of nature operating within God’s created physical realm. Every person has natural intelligence, strength, abilities, and resources which are used for normal living. But it is God’s supernatural power coming from the Holy Spirit that effects change in the physical realm. God has designed us for “supernatural living” which is dependent on Him for wisdom, power, and resources available only through the Holy Spirit. He can use us to make a difference in this world!

Living our lives in the power of the Holy Spirit is an exciting adventure. God is waiting to flow His power through us so that we might accomplish His purposes.

Meditate on the following Bible passages and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to live a supernatural live! (read Bible passages)



Experiencing the Spirit’s Power

God has made His power available to us through the Holy Spirit. The key question is: Do you want to be a vessel for God’s supernatural power so that you may fulfill the life mission that He has for you? Discover four principles that will help you understand and experience God’s supernatural power.
(read more)



The Spirit-filled Life

We exist to serve and honor God with our lives. God gives us His power so we are able to accomplish His purposes. The Holy Spirit fills us and gives us spiritual gifts and spiritual authority to accomplish fruitful service for God.
(read more)



Let Us Walk by the Spirit

by John Piper

Practically speaking, how do we "walk by the Spirit"? Dr. John Piper reviews Galatians 5 and describes five steps involved in walking by the Spirit.
(read more)



How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

by Bill Bright

Many Christians simply don't know to appropriate God’s power for living the Christian life. . .  (read more)

Video: Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

1. Who is the Holy Spirit?

Discover what the third person of the Trinity is really like.  
(play video)

2. What Does it Mean to be Filled?

Three steps prepare you to be empowered by the Spirit.
(play video)

3. Three Kinds of People

The Bible describes Natural, Spiritual and Carnal people.
(play video)

4. How to be Filled with the Spirit

By faith you can draw upon God's supernatural resources to live a holy and fruitful life.
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How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Every Day can be an Exciting Adventure for the Christian who knows the reality of being filled with the Holy Spirit and who lives constantly, moment by moment, under His gracious direction. The Bible tells us that there are three kinds of people. (read more)



How You Can Walk in the Spirit

by Bill Bright

The Christian life is so simple that we stumble over the very simplicity of it, and yet it is so difficult that no one can live it. . . .  (read more)

Video: Walk in the Spirit

1. Be Sure You Are Filled

Four key principles help believers experience an intimate, fruitful, daily walk with Jesus.
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2. Be Prepared for Spiritual Conflict

Three forces — the world, the flesh, and the devil — constantly wage war against the believer.
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3. Know Your Resources as a Child of God

Believers need to draw upon the inexhaustible resources of God’s love, wisdom, power, and grace.
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4. Faith Blocks Illustration

To walk in the Spirit, believers must have faith in God’s Word, trusting in God’s integrity.
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Let’s Get Reacquainted with the Spirit

by Charles R. Swindoll

Let’s face it; most of us are intrigued by the Holy Spirit. Like moths, we are attracted to the warmth and the light of His flame. Our desire is to come draw nearer, to know Him more fully and intimately, to enter into new and stimulating dimensions of His workings...without getting burned. I know that is true of me, and I suspect you often feel the same. (read more)

A Joyful Heart . . . It's Good Medicine!

by Charles R. Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll recognizes the ability to laugh and to find the humor in things as a gift from God to every believer. Even though life brings tragic occurrences our way now and then, God desires that we find joy as we rest in His sovereignty over all things. According to Chuck, a Christian who doesn’t laugh much is not taking God’s divine prescription for spiritual health. (read article)

Seven Ways to Cultivate Joy

by Insight for Living

Some may think that joy is an emotion that you either feel or you don’t. Chuck Swindoll suggests that joy is more of an intentional attitude that we have a lot of control over. He lists seven practical principles that, when practiced regularly, will be sure to help us put negativity and worry behind us and develop the joyful, steady character God desires of us. (read article)



Living the Christmas Spirit All Year Long

The Christmas Spirit is the character of Christ living out in us all year long. The point of the Christian life is not self-realization, but in knowing Jesus Christ, not allowing anything to take His place in our thinking, our emotions, and the daily experiences of life. (read more)



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