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1 ON 1 Discipleship Series

The 1 ON 1 Discipleship Series was developed by Bert and Jan Harned. For more than 40 years, they have used it in their personal discipleship ministry and seen God transform lives. Usually the Harneds would meet with an individual or married couple every other week to discuss the lesson previously assigned.

Each lesson requires serious study, memorizing, lots of reading and meditation. Much of the material has been gleaned from Campus Crusade for Christ, Navigator materials, and other ministry sources.

The objective is not to “get through” the material but to know and apply it. In general it takes about a year or so to finish the 1 ON 1. However, extra time is often required to finish the reading and study assignments.

Daily reading of the Bible, and reading great Christian books is an absolute necessity for spiritual growth, and people who have done so…agree!

The heart of Christian growth is learning how to “walk in the Spirit” — that is, to be controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5.18). This is God’s normal for those who know Christ personally. . . . There is no “plan B.”

1 ON 1 Discipleship Lessons

(Click on titles below to download the lesson PDFs)

1.  What is a Christian?  (Be sure you are one)

2.  The Holy Spirit  (How to be controlled by Him)

• Part One: Christ In You

• Part Two: Living by Faith

• Part Three: Humility

3.  The Awesome Character of God (His attributes)

4.  Food for Growth (Bible reading)

5.   Talking with God (Prayer)

6.   The Family of God (The church)

7.   Sharing what You Know (Witnessing)

8.  Belief Causes Behavior (Obedience)

9.  Marriage (How to do it God’s way)

10. Children (Godly parenting)

11. How to Make Disciples (Timothy 2:2)

1 ON 1 Reading List

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