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Muhammad and Jesus

Compare the Men — Compare the Religions

Thomas Carlyle observed that the history of the world is really the biography of great men. And no two men have influenced our world more than Jesus and Muhammad. Nations have used their words as the foundation of their cultures and laws. Fully half of the world’s inhabitants trace the roots of their beliefs back to Muhammad’s words in the 7th century and the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 1st century. So who were these men who have changed our world, and how do they compare with one another? We begin with Muhammad.

Muhammad didn’t appear extraordinary at first. But in time his name became known throughout the Arab lands as the one who united a disparate group of nomad Arabs into a powerful force for their God. And today, nearly 1,400 years later, 1.8 billion Muslims revere Muhammad as the greatest of all prophets.

About six hundred years before Muhammad another man appeared on the scene who in three short years changed our world. His name is Jesus Christ. Within a few generations after he left earth, the power and might of the Roman Empire was enveloped by the phenomenon of Christianity, and today it is the world’s largest religion with over 2 billion followers.

Although Muslims and Christians both believe strongly in God, their religious differences have changed our 21st century world. But, can their many religious differences be traced back to the teachings of Muhammad and Jesus? If these religious leaders were alive today, would they reflect the divisions of their followers, or would they agree with one another?  

Perhaps we can answer that question by looking at the similarities and differences of Muhammad and Jesus. Both religious leaders had some similarities, but their differences account for much of the division we see today between Islam and Christianity. In the next several pages, we will look at the:

After comparing Muhammad and Jesus, we will attempt to draw conclusions about what led to their enormous influence upon our world. We will also examine their messages for essential differences. First let’s take a brief look at their lives.

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