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Scripture Memorization


Do you desire to know more Scripture but find it hard to memorize? Scripture memorization is an essential part of the Christian life and a great help in our spiritual growth. Use these excellent resources to help you hide God's Word in your heart. 


Why Memorize Scripture?


Scripture Memorization by Nancy Leigh DeMoss


Why Memorize Scripture? by John Piper


How to Memorize Scripture


How to Memorize Scripture by the Navigators


An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture by Dr. Andrew Davis


How to Memorize Scripture by Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM)


How to Memorize Scriptures: Tricks and Ideas by Stephen Simpson


Scripture Memory System by


Scripture Memorization Tools


Memverse – As you use Memverse you will find that you are able to retain more memory verses because the software prompts you to review passages at the appropriate time. In other words, you spend less of your time reviewing verses you already know, and more of your time on the memory verses that you don't know well. You will find that you are able to memorize more of the Bible in less time. Many users spend 10-15 minutes three or four times per week and are able to retain hundreds of memory verses. Many have even memorized over a thousand verses!


Verse Box – A free, online tool to aid in memorizing scriptures of your choice.  Learn new verses, review old verses, and keep track of your progress. Also allows you to send reports to an accountability partner. Requires account creation, but there's no cost.


VersePack – A customizable iPhone app for scripture memorization. "Lite" version is free; full version is available at a small cost.


Remember Me – Remember Me is an effective app to memorize and organize Bible verses on Android phones and tablets. Ideal also for poems, quotations, vocabulary, speeches, and other texts.


Navigators Topical Memory System (TMS) audio review – A review of key verses in several different translations with available commentary.  If you are an oral learner, this is for you!


Navigators Topical Memory System (TMS) verses put to music (an excellent aid to memorization!)


Witness of the Light CD – Download or order this free CD containing twenty-nine Scripture songs proclaiming salvation in Christ.


Scripture Typer Bible Memory System – Easy system of learning memory verses online by typing them. Membership is free.


Awana Clubs International – Free cut-apart memory verses in NIV and KJV.

NIV Memory Packet 1

NIV Memory Packet 2

NIV Memory Packet 3

KJV Memory Packet 1

KJV Memory Packet 2

KJV Memory Packet 3




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